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Beyond Beer: Top Cocktail Choices for Football Game Time


The anticipation for the big game has been building for weeks. You and your best friends are gathered, decked out in your top jerseys. The aroma of nachos wafers from the oven. Now, just one final touch is needed before the game begins: picking your drink! Here are the top cocktail choices for football game time

Selecting the ideal beverages for game day is more art than science. Consider the weather - is it warm or cool? Are you hosting a tailgate in the stadium parking lot or cozying up in front of the TV in your living room? How many guests are joining you, and what's everyone in the mood to drink? To enhance your game day experience, we've curated a selection of excellent football drinks.

Top Cocktail Choices for Football

Choosing on match day concerns location, cocktails, snacks, and, most importantly, the best soccer streaming sites. You can access soccer streaming in much better quality or watch more matches. The list above will help you find the best site for your region and interests, and it even has a selection of web resources for watching soccer for free.


    Are you planning to entertain a group? Opt for punch. This traditional big-batch cocktail quickly served from a bowl, is ideal for large gatherings.

    There's a classic rule for concocting the perfect punch: one part sour (such as citrus juice), two parts sweet (like simple syrup), three parts strong (for example, rum), and four parts weak (tea, juice, or sparkling wine work well). Mix these with ice, garnish with orange slices, and you'll have a crowd-pleaser.

    The variations are limitless. For those seeking guidance, a celebrated New York's Dead Rabbit bar recipe is a stellar starting point. When it comes to whiskey, consider Writer's Tears, Roe & Co., or The Dead Rabbit Irish Whiskey for authenticity.

    Tiger Tea

      This cocktail, a favorite during game days at the Bengal Tap Room in Baton Rouge, features sweet tea vodka as its primary ingredient. It is perfect for serving as a single drink or in larger quantities for a crowd. The recipe is both versatile and delicious.


        Is there any drink that epitomizes sophistication quite like the highball? Its core is a harmonious blend of spirit, fizzy club soda, a clinking column of ice, and an optional citrus twist for garnish. Bartenders in Japan have refined the art of crafting the perfect highball, turning what might seem like a simple beverage into a sublime experience of refreshment.

        Given the minimalistic nature of the highball, every ingredient plays a pivotal role. While whisky often takes center stage, it's certainly not the sole protagonist. For those seeking a drink with depth and complexity, consider a blended whisky noted for its malt character, such as Suntory Toki or Johnnie Walker Black Label. Alternatively, a gin highball can offer a delightful variation—especially when paired with a twist of lime instead of lemon. Consider gins that bring something unique to the glass, like Hendrick's or Monkey 47.

        Bloody Mary Bar

          Are you looking to elevate your game-day cocktails? Start by preparing your Bloody Mary mix as the foundation. Present it in a buffet setup, allowing guests to choose between vodka or tequila as their spirit of choice. For a personalized touch, offer an array of garnishes, including celery sticks, cucumber spears, poached shrimp, and beef jerky. This approach promises to be a crowd-pleaser at your event, making every sip a victory.

          Jalapeno Jelly Tequila Shots

            Are you prepared to take on the fiery challenge of these tantalizing spicy jelly shots? Transform jalapenos into unique, edible vessels for a zesty tequila-lime gelatin concoction. With the natural variation in jalapeno heat levels, the intensity of the spice presents an exciting mystery until you experience the first taste!

            Ranch Water

              Envision Ranch Water as the perfect twist on your classic margarita, designed to bring a refreshing touch to the balmy early-season game days. This cocktail, boasting a trio of ingredients, is delightfully simple to create, ensuring a foolproof path to enjoyment every time.


                Margaritas have a unique way of transforming any gathering into a vibrant celebration. This beloved Mexican cocktail pairs perfectly with the crunchy, salty snacks favored during game days, offering versatility in how it's served - shaken, on the rocks, or blended for added fun.

                For those who appreciate premium quality, we recommend a blanco tequila margarita using top-notch brands like Tequila Ocho Plata, Hermosa Organic Tequila, or El Luchador Tequila. Mix the perfect drink by combining two ounces of blanco tequila, ½ ounces of orange liqueur, one ounce of lime juice, and ½ ounces of simple or agave syrup. Serve chilled, with an optional salted rim and ice, for a refreshing twist.

                Alabama Yellowhammer Cocktail

                  For those who can't join the excitement in Tuscaloosa on game day, there's no reason to feel left out. We're bringing you a piece of the action with the iconic Gallettes' citrus cocktail recipe. Now, no matter your location, you can raise a glass filled with this celebrated concoction as you root for the Crimson Tide. This way, the spirit of Tuscaloosa and the enthusiasm of the game can be savored right from the comfort of your home.


                  Now you know how to treat your friends and please yourself on a football match day. Of course, this is not a complete list, but it's a great place to start for fans of any level. Over time, you will find your favorite cocktails for yourself and your friends.

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