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Top 7 Best Tempranillo Wines For Those Who Love Complex Flavor Profiles!


Among all the types of red wine that exist under the sun, those with complex flavor profiles will typically attract more avid wine drinkers – mainly because of their variety of flavors, from fruity and sweet to earthy and savory.

Wines with complex flavor profiles also allow for greater flexibility when pairing your glass with different types of cuisine. And when it comes to red wine with complex flavors, no other type can hold a candle to Tempranillo wine varieties.

This article will introduce the seven best Tempranillo wine varieties to serve at your next dinner party. Read on to unearth all the top Tempranillo wine bottles to look up when restocking your home bar.

1. Valenciso Rioja Reserva 2016

First up is the Valenciso Rioja Reserva from 2016. This Spanish Tempranillo wine has been handpicked from Haro's clay and limestone soils. The grapes are picked from 17 spots spread across Villalba, Rodezno, Briones, and Ollauri villages – all within a five-kilometer radius of the Valenciso vineyard. To reduce the wood influence of the wine, the vineyard has 10% of the wine to be raised in low-toast Caucasus oak. This makes the taste of this wine spectacular, with good freshness and fine tannins. 

We recommend pairing this wine with lasagna, pizza, or dishes with tomato-based sauces. The rich and hearty flavors in these dishes will undoubtedly bring out all the intricate flavors of the Haro region.

2. Pesquera Ribera del Duero Tinto Crianza 2019

Once called “the Pétrus of Spain,” this Tempranillo wine is renowned for its particularly silky and elegant entry on the palate. When you slowly savor every sip of this wine, you can taste the intense red berry fruit flavors that play with your taste buds, mixed with the wine’s naturally balanced acidity and well-integrated tannins. An essence of oak is also integrated with hints of toasted elements and soft vanilla, making the wine taste even more complex. 

This wine is produced in high-elevation sites from estate vineyards in Lucia, Vina Alto, and Llano Santiago. Tempranillo grapes are planted in poor, well-drained soils with sand and gravel over limestone and clay subsoil. Barbecued meat, roast suckling lamb, and suckling pig will perfectly match this wine.

3. Juniper Canvas Tempranillo Wine 2021

The third red wine on this list is a blend of 95% Tempranillo & 5% Graciano, which were co-fermented. Rich with bright and engaging raspberry, this wine also provides red currant flavors intertwined with spice. Simply put, this particular Tempranillo is almost a festive cocktail all on its own. 

However, to get the best out of this wine, why not consider smoked paprika chicken with toasted hazelnut romesco or a Spanish vegetarian stew? You will enjoy how the wine's fruity richness complements the smoky flavors of the dishes.

4. Conde de Valdemar Rioja Reserva (Tempranillo, Graciano, Garnacha) 2015

The next one on our list is a product of the endeavor of five generations of winemakers in Rioja. The Conde de Valdemar Rioja Reserva 2015 offers a smooth and balanced palate with a long-lasting finish full of elegance. Like the Juniper Canvas Tempranillo 2021, this Tempranillo can be enjoyed all on its own or even mixed into a cocktail – thanks in part to its very even flavor profile compared to other Tempranillo bottles.

And what about pairing this wine with a tailored dinner menu? Well, you’ll have plenty of options here, too, as thankfully, the Conde de Valdemar Rioja Reserva 2015 is especially suitable for pairing with beef, grilled pork, roasted lamb, chicken, barbequed food and grilled vegetable-based dishes.

5. Bleasdale Tempranillo 2022

Bleasdale always strives to make great Tempranillo wine; the Bleasdale Tempranillo 2022 is no exception. The flavor palette for this bottle is super juicy and fresh, mixed with crunchy tannins, which makes you ready for the next mouthful even before you’ve finished processing the first. 

And if you’ve been waiting for a Tempranillo that can pair well with Latin American flavors, then the Bleasdale Tempranillo of 2022 will surely deliver here. This complex red wine varietal can be easily paired with an assortment of tapas, making it the perfect bottle for family-style dinners and other warm and welcoming celebrations.

6. Bremerton Special Release Tempranillo Graciano 2020

The sixth wine here is a medium-weight, juicy wine with rich berries, dark roses, and other scintillating notes of rich spices. This unique Tempranillo is supported by fine tannins and balanced acidity, renowned for its dynamic yet refreshingly uniform palate. And its complex flavor has much to do with how it’s been made. The Bremerton Special Release Tempranillo was fermented in open-top vessels to produce airier flavors and perfumes.

Does this mean Tempranillo had to be aged with greater environmental control? Well, yes. To produce the wine to a quality typical of Bremerton, this Tempranillo has to be matured for 17 months in a combination of second and third-fill French and American oak. Simply put, this is a Tempranillo you won’t want to add to a cocktail – it has a bouquet of flavors all on its own.

7. Jericho Tempranillo 2021

Finally, if you’ve been wondering why all of our Tempranillo wines are from Spain or around Spanish wine country so far, then strap yourself in as we rocket to the other side of the world, namely the Adelaide Hills region in South Australia, where we can sample their homegrown Jericho Tempranillo wine. 

This Adelaide Hills Tempranillo wine boasts an excellent aromatic, fruity nose and some complexity in flavor, thanks to its short time aging in old French oak barrels. It has a soft and round palate with a smooth wine style. Tapas, pizza and pasta dishes, and barbecued meats are all guaranteed to be an excellent fit for this wine.

And there you have it – our seven favorite Tempranillo wine varieties for enjoying in cocktails, with a decadent feast, or all on their own. After understanding more about the taste and production procedure of the Tempranillo wine, it’s time for you to choose which Tempranillo is the perfect fit for your wine-loving temperament. So get out there and have a tipple – who knows what flavors will leave a lasting impression on you!

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